Date: Apr 18, 2013 2:56 AM
Subject: Darwin Evolution derived by generalized Maxwell Equations Chapt15.54<br> generalization of the Maxwell Eq and deriving Darwin Evolution #1302 New<br> Physics #1505 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Alright, I led up to this and let me just blurt it out as to what I
think the generalization is.

I believe the 4 Maxwell Equations with magnetic monopoles are
reducible to 2 Equations and where we can eliminate the discussion of
electricity and magnetism and have just pure geometry.

In this generalization we see how galaxies would distribute, and how
solar systems would be geometrically composed. We also see how biology
would have a Darwin Evolution mechanism.
The generalization would have to derive Superdeterminism of the Bell
Inequality which further derives Darwin Evolution theory.

If you look at that textbook cover of the Coulomb force with lines of
force "Electricity and Magnetism" Berkeley physics course volume 2,
1965 you see all ellipses except for one line which is a straight line
of Euclidean geometry. The Gauss's law of magnetism with magnetic
monopoles would be identical to the Gauss's law of electricity.

Now since the 4 Maxwell Equations have magnetic monopoles, the Gauss's
law of magnetism would be the same picture as the Gauss's law of

Now there are no circles in these 4 Maxwell Equations, only ellipses
and one straight line. There are hyperbolas and parabolas, but no
circles. So the circles are the key to the generalization.

Now there is a infinity border and it is root-pi 10^603 in mathematics
and all of those lines are ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolas except for
that single unique straight line.

So now in prior posts I showed how the 4 Maxwell Equations derives
both the Schrodinger and the Dirac Equations through simple summation
procedure. Now in these generalized 2 Maxwell Equations, we still can
derive the Schrodinger and the Dirac Equations (I hope so).


1) Euclidean Geometry = summation of Elliptic Geometry plus Hyperbolic

2) Ellipses of Elliptic geometry strive or are determined to become
circles of Euclidean Geometry.

That is it. I believe or suspect those two purely mathematical
statements captures all of the 4 Maxwell Equations, only in a pure
mathematical form. The first one is the two Gauss's laws and the
second one is a dynamic for the Faraday and Ampere/Maxwell law.

I suspect the two equations above encapsulate the 4 Maxwell Equations.

And what (2) allows is a pure math way of deriving Darwin's theory of

So let me try it out by an example. Suppose you are an ape living in
Sardinia 10 million years ago. You would be a flattened ellipse. And
then you were given a thought (a less flattened ellipse) and the
thought shot into your brain to pick up the rock at your feet and to
throw it at a rival for a mate. You do it and the flattened ellipse
combined with the less flattened ellipse forms a ellipse that is
tending more towards a "perfect circle".

So in other words, electricity and magnetism of the 4 Maxwell
Equations is a science that wants to turn ellipses into circles,
perfect circles and it has other ellipses or even hyperbolas to aid in
making ellipses become perfect circles.

When you think about it, is it not the case that Faradays law and
Ampere law are seeking to have the proton and electron coincide as
one, not two. As two, they are ellipses, as one they are a perfect

More later..

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