Date: Apr 21, 2013 5:17 PM
Author: Jerry P. Becker
Subject: Gen'l Interest: Singapore Math to Madison [NJ] Schools

From Madison [NJ] Patch News, Thursday, April 18, 2013. See
New Math Teaching Method Coming to Madison Schools

'Singapore math' instruction starts for grades K-2 next year, then
grades 3-5 the following year.

By Jake Remaly

A math teaching method based on the curriculum widely used in
Singapore is coming to Madison elementary schools starting next year.

The Board of Education approved the use of the textbook "Math in
Focus: Singapore Math" at its meeting on Tuesday.

Grades K-2 will start using the textbook next year, and grades 3-5
will start using it the following year, school officials said. A
"parent night" to introduce parents to "Math in Focus" is expected to
be held in the fall.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Rossi said the cost of the new textbooks
and teacher training over the two years is expected to be around

A letter from the district's mathematics and business supervisor,
Kathryn Lemerich, posted on the district website says a committee of
teachers, supervisors and administrators reviewed possible programs
to replace the existing instructional materials, and narrowed the
choices to "Math in Focus" and "Everyday Math" before deciding on
"Math in Focus."

Administrators and board members visited other districts that use
those textbooks to evaluate them, and gathered feedback from Madison
parents in February, the letter says. The committee also took into
consideration Common Core State Standards and new standardized tests.

"We are confident this is the best decision for our elementary school
students because of the stellar track record of the program, the
abundance of resources to support the instruction both within the
classroom and at home, and the approach the program takes to meeting
the needs of all learners," Lemerich wrote. "Math in Focus is an
enriched mathematics program that not only maps to the Common Core
State Standards, but also provides many important and valuable
teaching strategies and learning experiences. We are confident your
children will benefit from this excellent program, and we are fully
committed to its successful implementation."

Lemerich said the committee is "thrilled to have the support of the
administrative team, teachers, parents, and community in this

Promotional materials for the book says the Singapore math "features
visual representations and modeling strategies to solve complex
problems" and helps students understand how and why math works.

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