Date: Apr 25, 2013 2:20 PM
Author: Louis Talman
Subject: Re: Overuse of tests feeds cheating / Opinion

And "meaningful testing" is Wayne's Newspeak for "education".  Of course,  
a test is "meaningful" if, and only if, he says it is. Naturally, he
doesn't give us any other meaningful criterion for making that decision.

On Wed, 24 Apr 2013 19:00:39 -0600, Wayne Bishop <>

Such behavior is "clearly outrageous" for which there is "no excuse."
... Maintain the status quo.

> "FairTest" has always been the education industry's Newspeak name for
> "NoTest". There has not been, nor ever will be, a test of student
> performance or teacher >competence that is meaningful. Here is another
> example that, on the surface, seems reasonable. Such behavior is
> "clearly outrageous" for which there is "no >excuse." Except for one
> small detail, using the exams in any meaningful way is the real
> problem. Nothing about firing the teachers or principals, not even
> letters of >reprimand to their personnel files. Maintain the status quo.

--Lou Talman

Department of Mathematical & Computer Sciences
Metropolitan State University of Denver