Date: Apr 25, 2013 11:58 PM
Author: Brian Q. Hutchings
Subject: closed universe, flat space, ignore Minkowski's worse nD geometry;<br> thank you

like a 3d movie,
get rid of your lightconeheaded Minkowski-ism
(stupid slogan aobut phase-space,
then he died at 43).

> Like a 3d holographic movie. It doesn't matter how you play
> it or view it . An object moving at constant velocity can consider
> itself at rest . Whether or not any notion of 'absolute space' of
> 'absolute time' will be needed in a unified theory is beyond the scope
> of this discussion .

> Here's the metric for a 3-sphere . Add an additional time dimension
> (an extra row and column in the metric tensor with -1 in the corner
> and zero in the other entries ) and you're ready to calculate
> trajectories .