Date: Apr 27, 2013 1:18 AM
Author: Tom Roberts
Subject: Re: closed universe, flat space?

On 4/25/13 4/25/13   12:26 PM, Koobee Wublee wrote:
> There is still no mathematical proof showing that null Ricci tensor
> with non-vanishing Riemann tensor.

[I just happened to see this.]

This is just plain wrong. The Schwarzschild manifold has Ricci=0 everywhere, and
Riemann!=0 everywhere. Indeed EVERY vacuum region of EVERY manifold of GR has
Ricci=0, and most of them have Riemann!=0 (only a handful are flat).

It's remarkable how much effort Koobee Wublee expends while trying to pose as
knowledgeable; he actually knows almost nothing about GR and its mathematics.
Essentially everything he says is wrong, with the exceptions being
indistinguishable from occasional lucky guesses.

That's why I rarely respond to his nonsense. He has repeatedly
proven he is incapable of learning....

Tom Roberts