Date: Apr 30, 2013 3:12 AM
Author: quasi
Subject: Re: the situation is worse than you thought

Phillip Helbig wrote:
>quasi wrote:

>> In the UK, a billion _is_ equal to 100 million.
>No, it is not, and it never was.

A careless mistake on my part.

>The UK billion was a million million, i.e. a US trillion.
>1000 million, the equivalent of the US billion, was the
>milliard. However, US-style usage is becoming more prevalent
>in the UK, just as many people today say "radio" and no
>longer "wireless".
>In other languages, terms similar to the old UK usage are the
>only ones in use, e.g. German has Milliarde for 1000 million
>and Billion for one million million.

>> In the US, a billion equals 1000 million.

So in the US, I may be qualified to vote, and in the UK,
perhaps I could drive a bus.