Date: May 3, 2013 12:15 AM
Author: Haim
Subject: Re: RE: David Berliner on "A Nation at Risk": Three Decades of Lies #2 - ADDENDUM #2

Wayne Mackey Posted: May 2, 2013 6:50 PM 

> Haim,
>It doesn't even help them much to go to college. Many,
>many teachers give grades based on little or no
>indication the student has learned anything at all. Even
>college grades are nearly meaningless.

Ah, so you have noticed this, too :) Now, please remind me, what are David Berliner and his friends going on about?

Let me take this opportunity to offer an apology by means of an explanation. I realize my comments may seem contentious to some, and I am sorry for that. I rarely post to this forum, but David Berliner calling people, who disagree with him, liars even as we daily pick our way through the rubble of a once serviceable education system, was more than I could stand, and I had to say something.

I would ask Berliner, are there really no problems with our public schools? Is calling people liars the way to promote constructive discussion? I confess I had never heard of David Berliner until this thread but, given this thread, it is hard not to assume the worst about the man.