Date: May 5, 2013 6:06 AM
Author: Nasser Abbasi
Subject: Re: second largest element in a matrix

On 5/5/2013 4:21 AM, Bruno Luong wrote:
>> On 5/4/2013 7:54 PM, Nasser M. Abbasi wrote:
>>> On 5/4/2013 6:14 PM, wrote:

>>>> IF for example, i have a matrix [3,1,1,0,2,0]
>>> this is not a matrix. it is a list of a vector.

> I'm with dbp on that one. To my book it is a matrix as well. A matrix can have one
> of the size reduced to 1.
> Wikipedia definition never restrict the size large or equal to 2.
> Matrix backslash operator \ can be applied on matrices, vectors or scalars
>because they are all matrices.
> Thinking a matrix must have a size larger than 1 is human, not mathematics.
> Bruno

I can only go by Mathematics. In Mathematics, a matrix
is rectangular array. That is what the teacher told us
in class. I also looked up in many other places.

"a. Mathematics A rectangular array of numeric or algebraic
quantities subject to mathematical operations.
b. Something resembling such an array, as in the regular
formation of elements into columns and rows."

"3 Mathematics a rectangular array of quantities or
expressions in rows and columns that is treated as a single
entity and manipulated according to particular rules."

"A matrix is a collection of numbers arranged into a
fixed number of rows and columns"

"Mathematics A rectangular array of numeric or algebraic
quantities subject to mathematical operations."

"math an arrangement of numbers or symbols in a pattern from top to
bottom and from left to right, used for solving problems in mathematics"

"In his 1851 paper, Sylvester wrote, "For this purpose
we must commence, not with a square, but with an oblong
arrangement of terms consisting, suppose, of m lines and
n columns. This will not in itself represent a determinant,
but is, as it were, a Matrix out of which we may form various
systems of determinants by fixing upon a number p, and
selecting at will p lines and p columns, the squares corresponding
of pth order."

"In mathematics, a matrix (plural matrices) is a rectangular
array of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns."