Date: May 7, 2013 2:00 AM
Author: David Bernier
Subject: "The Mystery of the Primes",  starring Marcus du Sautoy

This is a 75 minute Tv program where Marcus du Sautoy
travels the world on the traces of Gauss, Riemann,
Hardy, Ramanujan and Turing (among others; ).

Euclid --> infinitude of prime numbers.

Gauss --> How many up to 'x'? ( pi(x) function & computations
of the number of primes in blocks
of 1000 consecutive integers,
quarter-hour for one block ... )

Riemann --> zeta function encodes distribution
of primes through the non-trivial zeros !

Riemann: du Sautoy goes "through the looking glass"
into the Zeta-Landscape, and the non-trivial
zeros are at one point in the program marked with shining
green vertical beams of light.

du Sautoy: "Riemann thought they might all be on the
same lign [the zeros ] ".

with voice-over in French.


"Le Mystère Des Nombres Premiers"

100,482 views as of now.

P.S.: du Sautoy visits a Casino, and plays some
"video poker" like rolling-rotors machine.
Suggestive of "pseudo-randomness" in the
primes and probabilisic heuristics.

David Bernier

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