Date: May 8, 2013 10:34 AM
Author: Dave L. Renfro
Subject: In rural W.Va., schools rethink their role

Readers of this group may be interested in the
following news story.

In rural W.Va., schools rethink their role
By PHILIP ELLIOTT | Associated Press

This reminds me a lot of the year (1988-89) I taught in a
similarly very depressed community, an experience that I've
posted about several times in this group. I don't have any
substantive solutions to offer, but I think the news story
does a good job of describing the difficulties involved,
difficulties that those who have not had any experiences
in living in these types of communities may be unaware.

Also, regarding the first two comments when I read the article
(given below, since they're likely to be buried by the time
someone else visits the site), the way the Principal at the
school I taught at handled housing was through his side-job
of buying and renting trailers for teachers to live in, which
I mentioned in the following post:

math-teach: New NCLB: Performance Pay Included [28 August 2007]

Here are the two comments to the news story I mentioned above:

* Dean: I am a retired critical needs teacher. I draw retirement,
* so do not need to make a lot of money in addition to my
* retirement. I would love to go to one of the areas like
* the one described in this article, but not having a place
* to live is an obstacle that I cannot overcome. It's just
* my wife, the dog, and I these days.

* John: Same here. I teach mathematics, but without a place
* to live, it would be impossible. If they could provide that,
* I'd love to go there.

Dave L. Renfro