Date: May 9, 2013 12:47 PM
Author: Mehran Basti
Subject: A note to publishers

Dear Newsgroup:

I am interested to publish my ?Statement of Research? as described in this newsgroup, Math Forum, Sci.Math.Symbolic:

I will cooperate with publisher, with full editorial recommendations.

Publication may be placed in Bulletin of major scientific associations such as Mathematics or Physics associations of USA, Canada or a western European country, such as UK, Germany, Italy or France.

It may also be published in respective scientific journals, such as those of physics, relativity or mathematics of computation.

Pictures are essential means of communication, however subject to full editorial revision as well as its contents.

Translation in other languages will be provided.

Publication of my statement of research will be a first step toward dissemination, part by part, of my New Exact Math.

For example, I may provide short algorithms, on Maple files on a disk, computing a class of polynomials, having Riccati differential equations, as its DNA solutions.

Publishers may contact me, via my email:


Dr.Mehran Basti