Date: May 10, 2013 1:28 PM
Author: dpb
Subject: Re: Undefined variable or function 'b'

On 5/10/2013 12:20 PM, Jacob wrote:
> I don't understand why it's not reading from the script when I enter
> these commands
> figure(1);
> subplot(2,1,1), zplane(b),title('zplance of FIR'), ylabel('Imaginary
> part'), xlabel('Real Part')
> subplot(2,1,2), plot(w,abs(fr)),title('Magnitude of Frequency
> Response'), ylabel('Amplitude'), xlabel('w(pi)')
> it always says undefined variable 'b'
> Ive made sure its headed to the right folder and everything.


Well, apparently not "everything"... :)


which b



from same context as the above and see what is actually there at the
time...somehow you've inadvertently CLEARed variables or you really
aren't in the working directory you think you are or the like...