Date: May 12, 2013 8:26 PM
Author: lady firmament
Subject: step size problem

Warning: Unable to reduce the step size without violating minimum step size of 6.5766258709624053E-16 for 2 consecutive times at
time 0.18511556138638474. Continuing simulation with the step size restricted to 6.5766258709624053E-16 and using an effective
relative error tolerance of 0.012375476261614015, which is greater than the specified relative error tolerance of 1.0E-6. This
usually may be caused by the high stiffness of the system. Please check the model 'model_3' or increase the Max consecutive min
step size violation parameter in the solver configuration pane
**** Hi all.
I am trying to run electrohydraulic simulink model, but it cannot run after showing the above warning description. Let me know how shall i solve that error.
please kindly help me.