Date: May 13, 2013 11:28 AM
Author: Jose Carlos Santos
Subject: Re: Numerical ODEs

On 12/05/2013 21:32, Peter Percival wrote:

>> This question is perhaps too vague to have a meaningful answer, but
>> here it goes.
>> In what follows, I am only interested in functions defined in some
>> interval of the type [0,a], with a > 0.
>> Suppose that I want to solve numerically the ODE f'(x) = 2*sqrt(f(x)),
>> under the condition f(0) = 0. Of course, the null function is a
>> solution of this ODE. The problem is that I am not interested in that
>> solution; the solution that I am after is f(x) = x^2.
>> For my purposes, numerical solutions are enough, but if I try to solve
>> numerically

> What method are you using? I'm just being curious, I don't know a
> solution to your problem.

I use Mathematica and, more specifically, the NDSolve command. I suppose
that the default method that it uses is the Euler method.

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Santos