Date: May 15, 2013 5:16 AM
Author: jdawe
Subject: Action-Reaction: What is Quantum Mechanics?

'Quantum' is the study of what is small.

'Mechanics' is the study of what is large.



In fact instead of using 'Mechanics' the correct opposite word of
Quantum is actually Quanta. Quantum being singular and Quanta being

Quantum - Quanta

Small - Large

Singular - Plural

So therefore,

Quantum = Small = Singular = 1

You might like to call this a 'Quantum Singularity'.

The opposite of this is:

Quanta = Large = Plural > 1

So for something to be plural and 'large' it needs to be greater than

Constant - Variable

Continuum - Discrete

The Quantum Singularity is always a 1 continuous continuum therefore
it is not countable.

'Quanta' is a discrete quantity that is variably greater than 1 so at
least 2.

Quanta is always relative to the Quantum continuum.