Date: May 23, 2013 3:51 AM
Subject: Re: Work on Basic Mathematica Stephen!

On 2013-05-19 09:47:28 +0000, said:

> Another "missing item" is There are many
> functions people write that would be amazing useful to others but will
> never be shared. I have shared some potential toolbox entries here
> like a function that receives evenly spaced time/data pairs and returns
> FFT in terms of Hz. Handy to have laying around. I started a
> Toolbox.nb that I refer to often. It would be great to have an "open
> source" sharing mechanism to have the community support each other.
> Some of the things in my toolbox:
> 1. Cool graphing functions with very simple legends
> 2. Canned functions for unique file formats
> 3. Easier ways to measure time than Timing[]
> 4. Database access routines
> 5. Initialization stuff
> 6. Functions to communicate over Ethernet
> 7. Functions to talk to external COTS test equipment
> It would be cool to have a community place to store and share this
> stuff. Like a sourceforge model for Mathematica. Peer reviewed
> notebooks or external applications to extend Mathematica.
> Any chance of this?

There have been discussions about this among the users of

I agree that Mathematica does have a need for more communication
between users, and especially sharing code. As Ingolf mentioned,
there's, but I don't think most people will go
looking there. It has too many irrelevant things and some seem to be
completely unrelated and added by some automated program … (see e.g.
this recent addition: ) Another problem
is that it's not easy to update items from there quickly enough (sites
like GitHub/BitBucket/GoogleCode are better but they're not Mathematica

The best way to share your packages at the moment is probably to use
them in answers to problems posted here or to

There's also this:

But it's not really suitable for sharing code.

I learn about most such packages from mentions on Mathematica.SE (or
possibly here). is very nice as a concept but for some
reason it hasn't been picked up by the community yet. Maybe that's
because it has been slow/unaccessible a lot.