Date: May 26, 2013 10:55 AM
Author: some human
Subject: Re: An Unheralded Breakthrough: The Rosetta Stone of Mathematics

benj wrote:
> On Fri, 24 May 2013 15:18:42 -0500, Sam Wormley wrote:
> ... no one can patent a formula.

This is not true.

The "mapping telescope" (page 312 in
is currently patented (

When $f_i:X_i->X_{i+1}$ is a sequence of continuous functions then simply replacing

"topological space" by "map"
"mapping telescope" by "smooth tGAP structure"
"space X_i" by "one Level of Detail (LOD)"
"space X_{i+1}" by "next LOD"

turns text-book material from 2001 into a patent in 2012.