Date: May 29, 2013 3:48 AM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: ListVectorPlot3D

Often the ListPlots are not the best approach. A more general and intuitive
method is just to Map the graphics primitive (Point, Arrow, Line, whatever)
onto the list of points defining it. In your example the plot gets too
cluttered so I selected a random sample of 20 vectors from your test2 list.
And I also reversed the direction of the Arrows because it looks nicer.

Arrow /@ Reverse /@ RandomSample[test2, 20]},
Axes -> True]

David Park

From: BBabic []

Hello, I am using Mathematica 9.
Not sure why, but it seems that Math can not plot non-equidistant set of 3D
Here is an example.
We create two set of vector field data:

test = Flatten[
Table[{{x, y, z}, RandomReal[{-10, 10}, 3]}, {x, -40000, 40000,
5000}, {y, -40000, 40000, 5000}, {z, -40000, 40000, 5000}], 2];

test2 = Flatten[
Table[{RandomReal[{-40000, 40000}, 3],
RandomReal[{-10, 10}, 3]}, {x, -40000, 40000, 5000}, {y, -40000,
40000, 5000}, {z, -10000, 10000, 2000}], 2];

While ListVectorPlot3D[test]
The ListVectorPlot3D[test2] just gives a Box without any error message.
Any insight why this is not working and comments or ideas to make workable
would be highly appreciated.
Cheers !