Date: May 30, 2013 11:41 AM
Author: Sam Wormley
Subject: New mathematical model links space-time theories

New mathematical model links space-time theories

> Space-time is usually understood to describe space existing in three
> dimensions, with time playing the role of a fourth dimension and all
> four coming together to form a continuum, or a state in which the
> four elements can't be distinguished from each other.

> Flat space-time and negative space-time describe an environment in
> which the Universe is non-compact, with space extending infinitely,
> forever in time, in any direction. The gravitational forces, such as
> the ones produced by a star, are best described by flat-space time.
> Negatively curved space-time describes a Universe filled with
> negative vacuum energy. The mathematics of holography is best
> understood for negatively curved space-times.

> Professor Skenderis has developed a mathematic model which finds
> striking similarities between flat space-time and negatively curved
> space-time, with the latter however formulated in a negative number
> of dimensions, beyond our realm of physical perception.
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