Date: Jun 4, 2013 5:59 AM
Author: Andrzej Kozlowski
Subject: Re: Warsaw Univ. course,  was Re: Work on Basic Mathematica Stephen!

On 4 Jun 2013, at 08:00, David Bailey <> wrote:

> library in the pure maths section. I brought this to the attention of
> the librarian, who couldn't seem to see my point, and did nothing. The
> word 'field' also seems to crop up in signal processing texts in the
> maths sense, where it could indeed confuse physics students. Every
> re-definition of a word has a potential cost.

I once saw an (unreliably autobiographical) book by the Irish comedian Spike Milligan entitled "Mussolini: His Part in My Downfall" in the "history of fascism" section of a very famous academic bookshop. I wondered is I should bring this up to the attention of someone in the bookshop, but decided that it was the kind of thing Spike Milligan would have loved, and so decided it was best to leave it as it was. Which I think is usually the best policy in such situations.

Andrzej Kozlowski