Date: Jun 10, 2013 4:03 AM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: Calculating a simple integral

Doesn't this have a singularity at 2 Pi that produces non-convergence?  It's
similar to:

Integrate[1/x^2, {x, \[Epsilon], \[Infinity]},
Assumptions -> \[Epsilon] > 0]


That diverges as epsilon -> 0.

Are you sure you copied the integral correctly?

David Park

From: []

If there is a way to calculate with Mathematica the following integral:

in = -((-1 + Cos[kz])/(kz^2 (kr^2 + kz^2)^2 (kz^2 - 4 \[Pi]^2)^2))
Integrate[in, {kz, -Infinity, Infinity}, Assumptions -> kr > 0]

Another system calculates the same integral instantly. :)

Thanks for any suggestions.