Date: Jun 14, 2013 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: The Charlwood Fifty

Waldek Hebisch schrieb:
> wrote:

> >
> > If my information is up-to-date, Sympy claims to field a complete
> > implementation the Risch procedures from Bronstein's volume 1,
> > covering everything elementary but non-algebraic,

> I do not think so. IIUC they started working on such thing, but
> it is far from finished.

You are right. On googling a bit I found this description by Aaron
Meurer in a March 2013 post:


"... I can tell you from Bronstein's book:
- everything before chapter 5 is preliminaries, and was basically
implemented before I even started.
- chapter 5 is the base of the algorithm, and has all been implemented,
except for 5.12.
- most of chapter 6 is implemented. The exceptions are parts that
require certain subalgorithms that haven't been implemented yet, namely
the stuff from 5.12.
- only a small part of chapter 7 is implemented.
- none of chapter 8 is implemented.
- the parts of chapter 9 relating to exponentials and logarithms have
been implemented."