Date: Jun 18, 2013 4:24 AM
Author: Jimmy
Subject: Combining Fractions

I'm trying to solve a problem but I can't seem to get the answer correct.

The problem is:
((x+y)/(x-y)) + (1/(x+y)) - ((x^2+y^2)/(y^2-x^2))

When I try to solve the problem, first thing I do is flip the sign of the last fractions numerator to flip the denominator so I can have a LCD.

((x+y)/(x-y)) + (1/(x+y)) + ((x^2+y^2)/(x^2-y^2))

Then I apply the LCD:

((x+y)(x-y)) + x+y + (x^2+y^2)) / x^2-y^2

Then simplify terms:

x^2-y^2 + x+y + (x^2+y^2)) / x^2-y^2

Then I eliminate the x^2-y^2 from the equation:

x+y + (x^2+y^2)

I know this is grossly incorrect, I tried several different ways of solving this problem and I'm not even close. Any help will be appreciated.