Date: Jun 23, 2013 10:07 PM
Author: Jerry P. Becker
Subject: Invitation to contribute to book for beginning teachers

Sent at the request of Gerald Rising ... reply to him.
Invitation to Contribute to Beginning Math Teachers

I am currently writing a book to be titled /Letters to a Young Math
Teacher/. (That title is, of course, a rip-off on E.O. Wilson's
current best-seller, /Letters to a Young Scientist/.) In my book I
seek to prepare teachers first entering the profession for the real
world they will face in schools. Two of my reasons for writing: (1)
Today, although they have much to offer, many college methods
instructors have never taught in public schools, and (2) Even when
student teaching, students find themselves in an environment
established by their cooperating teacher.

My book will be largely based on my own classroom experiences
teaching and later supervising teachers in rural, urban and suburban
schools. I will be talking about topics like

. discipline,
. the first day,
. the school and community environment,
. content,
. texts and curriculum,
. tests, and
. dealing with students, fellow teachers, administrators, parents
and other community members.

Some of you may have your own thoughts about the experiences of
beginners and especially your own experiences that could contribute
to this book. I invite you to communicate them to me. I am prepared
to give you full credit for any such contributions I use. My email
address is: <>.


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