Date: Jun 26, 2013 12:59 AM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: Making (a*\[Theta]11)/(1+a^2) into (a/(1+a^2))*\[Theta]11

You have to use something like HoldForm and this may or may not interfere
with further calculation.

You could use:

a \[Theta]11/(1 + a^2);
% /. (r = Coefficient[%, \[Theta]11]) :>
HoldForm @@ {r} // TraditionalForm

a/(1+a^2) \[Theta]11

The TraditionalForm is necessary to get the desired order of the two

With the Presentations Application you could use:


a \[Theta]11/(1 + a^2) //
MapLevelParts[HoldForm, {{1, 2}}] // TraditionalForm

a/(1+a^2) \[Theta]11

And I'm sure you'll get a number of other answers.

David Park

From: PiMan []

Hi, I have a formatting question.

In the output of an equation I am getting the term (a*\[Theta]11)/(1+a^2).
However, \[Theta]11 is the variable of interest here, and I would like the
term to be written as as a coefficient times \[Theta]11 and not include
\[Theta]11 in the ratio. That is, I would like the output to read
(a/(1+a^2))*\[Theta]11 instead. Does anyone have an idea of how I might be
able to do this? Thanks.