Date: Jul 4, 2013 1:16 PM
Author: Nasser Abbasi
Subject: Re: An independent integration test suite

On 7/4/2013 11:49 AM, wrote:

>However, it looks
> like example 6 from Chapter 7 is left unevaluated by Rubi. Am I right?

Good point. Yes, Rubi 4.1 did fully evaluate it, there was an "Int"
in the result, second term.

> I am not much surprised by Rubi's failure on numbers 10 and 11 from
> Chapter 7; Derive 6.10 cannot do them either. It may be acceptable to do
> nothing about this, I think.
> Martin.
> PS: Note that the 'model' results in my Derive files may not always be
> identical (or equal or equivalent) to the results given in Timofeev's
> book. In some cases, the integrands and/or results had to be corrected
> for misprints or mistakes. I may also have 'continuitized' some of the
> evaluations (effectively adding piecewise constants to make them
> continuous on the real axis).

Ok. What I did is just do

FullSimplify[mathematicaResult - bookResult ]

and hope to see either a zero or constant for the difference.
I assumed that a difference that still was a function of x would not
be accepted or that Mathematica could not simplify the difference.
In that case, I plot the difference to see if it is linear in x or not.