Date: Jul 14, 2013 6:58 AM
Author: Nasser Abbasi
Subject: Re: An independent integration test suite

On 7/14/2013 4:46 AM, wrote:

> I will be interested in seeing your results.
> The whole point of this exercise, at least for Axiom,
> is to have a validated test suite. I found a few errors
> in the reference books while testing. I will compare your
> results to the posted results for Axiom.
> I agree that creating these test suites by hand is a
> huge task. It took me a couple months to create the
> CATS test suite so far. That's why I'd like to see the
> DLMF completely machine-readable.
> Tim

I think the way to do this is by automation. The way I was
doing it so far is not practical. It should instead by
done by writing a script to run through all the test cases
automatically, otherwise it will take me another 2 years to
finish. But the problem comes when one wants to combine
results of many CAS'es in one document.

I looked at your site for axiom, but could not see the raw
text file which just lists the ode's in plain .txt files?

Having them inside latex makes it little hard to use them from
other CAS systems since then one have to be extract them one by
one from latex.

btw, with Kamke's suite from the original E.S. Cheb-Terrab, I was
only able to understand the first 576 ode'e. Syntax changed starting
at 577. So I am only doing the first 576 for now.

I collected them all in one plain text file, one for Mathematica and
one for Maple. The text files are there to download in
the download section

Thanks to E.S. Cheb-Terrab for making the original files. I only
found one problem with one ODE so far. It helps to have the book
to check against.

May be you can have plain text file(s) also for all the ODE's
you have on your site? Even if it is in axiom syntax. This way it will
easy to use that and convert them to other CAS syntax and run them.