Date: Jul 16, 2013 4:36 AM
Author: Albert D. Rich
Subject: Re: An independent integration test suite

On Monday, July 15, 2013 10:05:37 PM UTC-10, wrote:

> > suppose
> > t0:= expression
> > r0:= expected result
> > a0:= integrate(t0,x)
> > m0:= a0 - r0
> > d0:= differentiate(m0,x)

> > m0 is the difference between Axiom's result and the expected result.
> > d0 is the derivative of m0, usually with a value of 0.

> > m0 often shows that Axiom's result and the expected result differ
> > and the derivative result of 0 shows that this is just a constant.

> > When I look at the reason for the constant difference it seems to be
> > related to the trig identities we chose. What system did you use to
> > create the expected results?

> That last was just a dumb question... you used Rubi, no doubt.
> What I wanted to ask was what trig substitutions you use.
> Is there somewhere in the Rubi sources I should look?

Look at the Rubi source code in the human-readable pdf files nicely categorized according to the form of the integrand that is available at

I do not recommend using the corresponding machine-readable package files Nasser refers to.