Date: Jul 17, 2013 10:09 AM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: Loading dynamically function: err_while_looking_up_function

"kees de Kapper" <> wrote in message
> Thank you Nasser for your reply.
> Thirst, I became sad by your answer, but the links you mentioned gave me a
> way to overcome the problem. And I became happy again. I changed all the
> "eval" statements to "feval" which supposed to be a proper alternative.
> Unfortunately I stuck into a "previously accessible file "MyFun_Kees" is
> now inaccessible"-error. Then, I found out that this had to be with the
> use of "addpath" in a deployed/compiled version. However, removing the
> "addpath" gives an "Undefined function or variable" problem.
> This brings me in a vicious circle (Please, help me out?!).
> How can I tell Matlab to look into a folder for files/functions to
> execute/call?

All the functions that you want to execute in your compiled application must
be present and "visible" (either by being called directly from another
function [EVAL/FEVAL count as being called INdirectly], by being included
explicitly in the MCC call using the -a flag, or by being mentioned
explicitly using the %#function pragma in a function that is "visible") when
the application is compiled.

You cannot add functions to your application at runtime.

Steve Lord
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