Date: Jul 18, 2013 11:42 AM
Author: fom
Subject: Re: Field extension - dimension splitting field.

On 7/18/2013 9:51 AM, Peter Percival wrote:
> Nick wrote:
>> On 18/07/2013 11:55, Peter Percival wrote:
>>> Nick wrote:

>>>> Unfortunately the book is from 1982 and there doesn't appear to be
>>>> published errata for this edition on the web.

>>> The author may be contactable:

>> Yep but, as this first edition is 40 years old, he has released 2
>> revised editions in the mean time and gives errata for the most recent
>> third edition, I figure it would be a bit churlish to bother him. ;o)

> Indeed so! On the other hand, he may think 'Nick is a dutiful fellow
> who has suffered the misfortune of possessing an erroneous copy of a
> book of mine. I know what I'll do, I'll send him free of charge the
> latest copy of the book and a bottle of good scotch/box of
> chocolates/... (fill in according to your own desires).'
> But then again he might not!

I know of someone who received
an early edition of Jech's "Set Theory"
through just that sort of luck.