Date: Jul 24, 2013 4:14 AM
Author: quasi
Subject: Re: Three Equations with Three Unknowns

Peter Percival wrote:
>KBH wrote:

>> Here is the KBH code for three equations with three unknowns:
>> Var
>> p, q, r, pp, qq, rr, ppp, qqq, rrr, s, ss, sss, ssss, pppp,
>> qqqq, rrrr: double;
>> clc: double;
>> a, b, c: double;
>> flg: shortint;

>So the idea that variable names should be meaningful has not
>penetrated to your bit of the forest?

Or that almost all modern programming languages support array
or list data types which can be used to cleanly define and
manipulate ordered n-tuples, as well as 2-dimensional array
types or matrix types which provide a very natural way to
implement Gaussian elimination.