Date: Jul 25, 2013 1:22 AM
Author: quasi
Subject: Re: Combinatorial Information?

achavanakhash wrote:
>Hi gang,
>I have numerous conjectures raging around in my brain these
>days, but I am greatly lacking in the background needed to
>even attempt to prove them. I am interested in whatever is
>combinatorially known about sums of combinations, such as
>0Cn + 1Cn + ... + nCn = 2**n, but of course everyone knows
> that one. Mine tend to involve situations modulo prime p
>where p is an odd prime. I am generally interested in where
>I might information about these things,l or be providedl with
>information about these things.
>So please provided me with specific propositions, or books,
> or whatever.

Based on how you've described your background, I highly recommend
working diligently through the following book:

Intermediate Counting & Probability
by David Patrick


It's a great introductory book with lots of challenge problems.