Date: Jul 27, 2013 10:53 PM
Author: Scott Berg
Subject: Re: What is a Square?

{Sanity Check by SanityChecker@WTF.RU??}

SANE: "Kevin Barry" <> wrote in message

INSANE: [If I have a square and a nigger lacks a square then invariably a
nigger will want a square only because I have one... or he will want a
square even if he does have one, too... If I deny the nigger the square that
I have, he will go into a schizophrenic demon possessed rant that will last
for days or even weeks... A square is existentialism to a nigger is what the
obvious major point must be. OK, well yes, what some of you may have
surmised is that 'a square' is a term in use which refers to 'a tobacco
cigarette... ergo, I digress.]

SANE: The tobacco industry possibly doesn't support both sides of the
tobacco lobby. The tobacco lobby possibly doesn't support the interests of
the anti-tobacco lobby. So after I complete a distance run at a junior high
school track meet, a coach blows tobacco smoke in my face and I nearly pass
out... Do I harbor resentment towards that coach? Not really.

INSANE: [Its just that it makes me wish I were Russian instead of American.
A Russian athlete knows what to expect in terms of punishment given Boris
The Kissing Coach... As an American athlete, I have to contend with
punishments that come out of the clear blue sky. Smoking is vile and I don't
trust anyone who isn't vile... Prove to me that you are vile and have a

INSANE: [ The Bible might be against smoking and smokers never sleep...
Well, harpies are vile... Maybe harpies are smokers who never sleep but I'm
not a harpie. ]

SANE: Why do I smoke?

INSANE: [My family smokes and I don't harbor resentment towards my family
and therefore I smoke too. The point of blowing tobacco smoke in the face of
an athlete is to show contempt for that athlete's family is the only
apparent reason I can come up with. ]