Date: Aug 1, 2013 5:19 PM
Author: frank zubek
Subject: powering is cube shaped

Kirby wrote;
That's why she says "square root of 2 cubed" because the model of 3rd
powering is cube shaped.
- --------------------------------------------------------
So sqr2 cubed = 2.828427125/1.060660172=3

So 2 cubed = 8 x .375 = 3

So you use a constant to arrive at cube = 3
I use a constant to also arrive at cube = 3

So 1.060660172/.375 = 2.828427125

ALL THIS IS A NONSESE, a number shuffle.
Tetrahedron is NOT cube shaped yet we using thir powering. vol. of a sphere is not cube shape yet we use r cubed times Pi/4

Same IDENTICAL cubes have SAME volumes period.