Date: Aug 3, 2013 4:03 PM
Author: frank zubek
Subject: hilbert's third problem

It was me showing the synergeo guys how to accomplish Hilbert's third problem listed among unsolved problems
with my set, and of course using my blocks, and for sure Kirby nor Fuller never could even have a faintest clue, yet the problem existed in his time but the cleverness was lacking.

Now of course they can do it, after ME.
I was also the first to show how to use any number of magnets that never repel, commonly used in polyhedra manufacturers, again it was not Fuller but me and now everyone is using my system.
It was me who done the lowest common denominator for all the structures.
It was me who discovered the most minimal blocks Fuller again had no clue, and any of the synergeo enthusiasts, and it was ME to show that two fused reg. tet. are NOT the minimal but the 1/8 octahedrons are.
All done on a pocket calculator and a napkin, isn't that something.