Date: Aug 4, 2013 12:31 PM
Author: mado
Subject: ni daq 6008 configuration problem

i am doing  sensor measurement using ni usb 6008 and i made the configuration to be single ended channel the range should be changed to +10 to -10 but that didn't happened , I also connected the same sensor to labview signal xpress on single ended and it works very well , so i think the problem is here in matlab with my code.

% get connected devices
d = daq.getDevices
%create session
s = daq.createSession('ni')
%add analog channel s.addAnalogInputChannel('ID',channel num, 'measurement type')
s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev1',3, 'Voltage')

% set rate of scan 4 scans/second , run for 3 seconds

v= s.Channels(1);
v.TerminalConfig = ' single ended ';
v.Coupling = ' DC';

%start aquisition and plot
[data,time] = s.startForeground;

grid on
xlabel('Time (sec)')
ylabel('voltage in v')