Date: Aug 11, 2013 5:52 AM
Author: Nasser Abbasi
Subject: Re: matlab converting a string to variable name and assign a string<br>  to it

On 8/11/2013 3:45 AM, shaho wrote:
> Hi , I have a problem ,I really appreciate if someone can help
> I tried to write a code to do this this assignment automatically
> "tree.Rightkids=SE1"
> here tree.Rightkids is a variable and SE1 is string .
> this is my code
> string1 =['tree.' ,'Rightkids']
> str ='A';
> eval(sprintf('%s=%c',string1,str))
> but I got the following error
> Error using eval
> Undefined function or variable 'A'.
> if anyone know How can I do this assignmnet.



then add your convoluted code after that so that A will
have some value.