Date: Aug 19, 2013 12:05 AM
Author: Wayne Bishop
Subject: Re: BUSTED! Re: Myth-busting pentagons by compass & straight edge.

The "myth" has always been in your brain not in the mathematics.  In 
6th grade it was obvious to me that constructing a regular hexagon
with a compass was a triviality (and understood the trivial
underlying mathematics) but had already observed that, if I really
wanted a regular hexagon, not a cute construction were the final arc
never hits the starting point, I should use a protractor. It's the
proof that matters and, even more so, that the regular septagon can
NOT be so constructed, not some Easter Bunny in your head. Why
persist in embarrassing yourself?


At 04:16 PM 8/18/2013, Jonathan Crabtree wrote:
>"Although they make use of the visible forms and reason about them,
>they are not thinking of these, but of the ideals which they
>resemble, not the figures which they draw..."
>So in conclusion, the myth is busted and my relationship with Euclid
>is now merely Platonic.
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