Date: Aug 20, 2013 3:09 PM
Author: Nasser Abbasi
Subject: Re: Illegal use of reserved keyword "if".

On 8/20/2013 9:20 AM, Bluemath wrote:
> I created several cases based on a pre-existing script. For one of those I copied the following:
> if ~ERRORS,
> n_cnames = n_cnames(1:size(n_cnames,1)-1, :);
> sel_cond = sel_cond(1:1:numel(sel_cond)-1);
> end
> (it is perfectly working for other cases, but when I switch to the last one it
>gives the following errors 'Illegal use of the reserved keyword "if"' and 'Invalid syntax of IF.
>Possibly a ),} or ] are missing'
> Can anybody help, please?
> Regards

When you copy snippet of code from inside a function and run it on its own,
some variables used in that snippet might not have values defined for
them. When run the above snippet on its own, what values does
ERRORS have at that time?