Date: Aug 25, 2013 9:45 PM
Author: Richard Strausz
Subject: Re: To K-12 teachers here: Another enjoyable post from Dan Meyer

> On Aug 25, 2013, at 1:42 AM, Richard Strausz
> <> wrote:

> >>
> >> It's actually quite positive that I do not have to
> >> resort to gimmicks and vignettes when I teach.
> >>
> >> There are two kinds of teachers Richard, those who
> >> are simply born to it, and those who google the
> >> internet for ideas.
> >>
> >> Guess which one I am.
> >>
> >> Bob Hansen

> >
> > Bob, it appears you are claiming that you have an

> ideal pedagogy that works for all your students. I
> claim that some approaches work better than others
> (for various subsets of my students) and I continue
> to 'tweak' my approach to find better ones.

> >
> > Richard

> I am claiming that there is only one basic standard
> for teaching Algebra, or Geometry, etc. I am claiming
> that you don't DUMB down the subject because the
> actual subject is too hard to teach to your students
> and then come here and claim you are still teaching
> the subject. I don't claim that I can teach Algebra
> to all students and I don't advocate that teachers be
> forced to teach Algebra to all students, because that
> results in the ridiculousness we have now. I advocate
> teaching students what they might actually be
> interested in and what might actually segue into a
> profession.
> When you say "works better" no one here has a clue
> what you mean. It seems to mean that the student
> isn't completely wasting their time, but at the same
> time, they have failed to own the subject. Maybe you
> should define "works better". I just claim to know
> what works period.
> Note: "Algebra" is just a placeholder, replace it as
> necessary with Physics, or Geometry, or Creative
> Writing, or etc.
> Bob Hansen

Bob, I think you are confusing curriculum and pedagogy.