Date: Aug 26, 2013 4:44 PM
Author: frank zubek
Subject: Re: plumb bob to GSC

L.T. wrote;
But then, *nobody* understands anything you write.
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fz, So this than means, that you can not tell if ANYTHING I wrote, has any meaning, truth, nothing at all.
So perhaps it is all correct, you are just incapable to read me correct?

There used to be a TV show game, where only hints were given the objective was to decipher the contents from as little of hints as possible,like the "wheel of fortune" but I guess you could NOT possibly participate in such game.

A crime scene, contains hints but I guess you could not solve any of that unless the criminal leaves his signature, address, birth-certificate, fingerprints, and perhaps a whole chronology of his whereabouts.

I guess our generation is just empty headed, I'm glad I can write what I want you be not able to understand it anyway.