Date: Aug 27, 2013 12:43 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: To K-12 teachers here: Another enjoyable post from Dan Meyer

Richard Strausz (RS) posted Aug 27, 2013 8:16 PM  (
> > I think you need to study more blogs in order to
> > distinguish between the religious self serving
> > blogs
> > like Dan's and the student directed blogs like
> > Kahn's. Or maybe it is religion you seek.
> >
> > Bob Hansen
> >

> Let's talk specifics. Here is the most recent post
> from Meyer.
> Please share briefly what you like and what you don't
> about the pedagogy. It does seem to fit nicely into
> Algebra.
> Richard

While making no judgment whatsoever about how effective Dy/Dan's blog linked above may be specifically relative to the offerings of the "Khan Academy" in regard to helping students learn ALGEBRA, I observe that the link provided by RS certainly seems to be much more about ALGEBRA (and perhaps 'Arithmetic' and 'Pre-Algebra' as well) and it is not at all about ANGST or RELIGION, contrary to the Findings of Robert Hansen (RH).

I understand - while not being certain at all about this - that "Salman Khan" (founder of the "Khan Academy") is himself somewhat seriously ANGST-ridden these days on account of the fact that some of his strongest supporters in the USA persist in misspelling his name as "Kahn" and the name of his Academy as "Kahn Academy", thereby lending lustre to an obscure Germanic tribe rather than to the proud Pathan traditions from which he (Salman Khan) has sprung.

Mr Khan's ANGST mainly arises from the fact that the proud Afghan warriors, led mainly by Khans, had practically wiped out a huge British force in the 'First Anglo-Afghan War' (1839-1842), while the Kahns had never managed to defeat the British in anything, anywhere, let alone in WAR or in ALGEBRA.

(It is true that Rudyard Kipling had written a whole bunch of jingoistic poems praising the heroism of the British, but the fact remains that the Khans - armed with only rusty flintlocks and swords - had wiped out the British despite all their modern (for that time) armaments).

I have tried to allay Mr Khan's depression by pointing out that such distortions of hisory do often occur in the USA (the land of Barnum and Bailey, not to mention it being Nial Ferguson's spiritual home), but his ANGST persists and is now becoming quite serious. We are worried.


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