Date: Sep 5, 2013 7:11 PM
Author: GIRAY
Subject: Adding a legend to the plot

Howdy Folks,

So I have a dilemma; I will condense the issue here, so that it may be easier to digest the question.

Let's assume that my data consists of 3 points. Just for giggles, assume that they are at points [10, 2], [15, 3] and [20,4].

How can I give unique colors to the data that I want. Instead of saying legend('data1','data2','data3'), my goal is to uniquely identify the colors within the legend.

For example, the following code works fine, but it uses the "legend's" reference to data points.

R=[1 0 0];
G=[0 1 0];
B=[0 0 1];

X=[10, 2];
Y=[15, 3];
plot(X(1),X(2),'x','LineWidth',10,'Color', R)
hold on
plot(Y(1),Y(2),'x','LineWidth',10,'Color', G)
plot(Z(1),Z(2),'x','LineWidth',10,'Color', B)

Is there a way to say something like this:


Or perhaps another way to add legend to the plot without calling the legend function?

Maybe even showing a jpeg image, which I created in paint, on the outside left corner of the plot?

What do you think the most ingenious way of approaching this issue is?