Date: Sep 8, 2013 3:01 PM
Author: israeliteknight
Subject: Re: Can Introductory Course Students Learn Much From Textbooks?

"Richard, Does that last quote not settle the question? (I knew I was being generous and optimistic with my 20% figure.)"

We spend so much to "educate" Americans, yet it would appear that even the education mafia has figured out that an illiteracy rate of 20% is a VERY low estimate:

US Ranks at the TOP in Public expenditures for education!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=indicator_38006&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=country&idim=country:22103:10103:9903:7403:18403:18903:19403:4003:9403:9503:7703:403:2703:3503:4103:9203:8903:19003:19303&ifdim=country&hl=en_US&dl=en_US&ind=false

US Ranks at the BOTTOM in science and engineering Graduates:!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=indicator_109106&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=country&idim=country:22103:22303:21803:22503:23203:10703:10103:9903:10403:7403:6703:6803:1603:18203&ifdim=country&hl=en_US&dl=en_US&ind=false

People who have successfully completed the final year of a level or sublevel of education in science and engineering.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of Blacks in Detroit are Illiterate

"In the Highland Park school district, just outside of Detroit, only 10 percent of students from third to eighth grade are proficient in reading and math. As to be expected, the statistics get even worse as the students get older. Each year, kids in 11th grade take the Michigan Merit Exam to see if they are college-ready. In 2011, 90 percent of Highland Park students failed the reading portion, 97 percent failed the math section, and 100 percent failed the social studies and science portions.
On July 12, the ACLU of Michigan, along with eight students, stepped in. They filed a first-of-its-kind class-action lawsuit against the state of Michigan, its agencies charged with overseeing public education, and the Highland Park School District for failing to take the necessary and effective measures to ensure students are reading at grade level."

At Choir Academy of Harlem, 66 percent of test-takers passed the US History Regents in 2011. Last year, when the exams were graded elsewhere, 13 percent did.

80% Illiteracy Rate at CUNY

"79.3 percent of city public-school grads who went to CUNY?s six two-year colleges arrived without having mastered the basics" of reading, writing, and math, and had to take non-credit remedial classes to catch up.

72% of Connecticut's High School Graduates are Illiterate,0,4734787.story

Also see Illiteracy rates from Nationmaster which shows that most African nations have a lower illiteracy rate than us:

Arthur Hu on Literacy:

Or maybe they've known all along?