Date: Sep 11, 2013 11:28 AM
Subject: Building an Equation to find (Maximum Y) ie Highest Point on a curve!

x^4  +  y^4  +  A(x^2)  -   A(y^2)   +  2(x^2)(y^2)  -  Bxy  +  C   =  0

If I have correctly evaluated

dy/dx to be = [4(x^3) + 2Ax + 4x(y^2) - By]

and if it is proper to set this then equal to zero
to give a new equation that could be merged with the original to get rid
of the cumbersome XY terms - then that i failed to do.

I've tried completing squares etc but can not get rid of composite XY terms.

If I could eliminate X and get a generalised Y-Only equation
then I could manage the rest.

Any help would be appreciated

Mervyn Mc Crabbe