Date: Sep 11, 2013 4:32 PM
Author: Wayne Bishop
Subject: Re: Are any 200-page textbooks being produced?

Singapore Primary Series absolutely (Singapore  Saxon Math 
comes close. Both are excellent and neither have superfluous
pictures and colors to make math "interesting".


At 04:53 AM 9/11/2013, Domenico Rosa wrote:
>The 7/20/2012 Report "K-8 Publishers' Criteria for the Common Core
>State Standards for Mathematics" is available at:
>The following is on Page 19:
>"(For paper-based materials.) A textbook that is focused is short.
>For example, by design Japanese textbooks have less than one page
>per lesson. Elementary textbooks should be less than 200 pages,
>middle and secondary less than 500 pages."
>Does anyone know if any such books are being produced?
>In my opinion, short, focused textbooks are absolutely essential in
>order to stem the continuing pseudo-education of American students.