Date: Sep 12, 2013 4:37 PM
Author: EBS
Subject: Re: Breakpoint on specific command line output possible?

dpb <> wrote in message <l0t60k$isv$>...
> On 9/12/2013 2:29 PM, Jesse Hopkins wrote:
> > Thanks for the suggestion, but it is nasty in that re-running the same
> > scenario shows different behavior. It may or may not appear, or maybe it
> > appears 3 times. The only way I know to capture the output is via
> > diary(), and that requires that I check the diary file periodically. I
> > went down that path a bit, but by the time my code gets to a point where
> > I can query the diary file, I'm still not certain where the "null" came
> > from.

> I was afraid of that -- have you updated the Java install just to see if
> it would magically go away?
> How are you building the XML strings; can you not wrap that such that
> the output goes to a variable instead of or before the file so can do
> the search on it then?
> Or, if nothing else the old "sprinkle a bunch of 'We are here' output
> statements through the code that serve to at least do binary splits of
> before/after a given routine/statement in a routine. Hopefully at least
> that will be repetitive if it does happen that it is the same routine or
> few routines or, conversely, if it is Java would hopefully identify a
> specific routine there that is buggy or has bad inputs on occasion.
> --

Jesse, I think you might have the best luck by debugging from the Java side. Try the following instructions: