Date: Sep 18, 2013 9:32 AM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: Saving matrix each iteration

"Sincloe Brans" <> wrote in message
> So I have two matrix A which keeps changing every iteration. I do 10
> iterations and so I get 10 A's. Each A is increased by one row at the end
> of each iteration. I also have an external loop k=50,100,150. For each k I
> generate 10 matrix. So in this case I generate totally 30 matrix. My
> question is how do I save them so that I can use it for future
> calculation.
> k=1
> while k<=150
> B = cell(10,1);
> For i=1:10
> A(end+1,:) = M(rowIdx,:)
> B{c} = A;
> c=c+1
> end
> k=k+50
> end
> This will save only 10 matrix created for each k. Is there any way I can
> generate B{c}{k} kind of matrix?

Do you want to create a cell array whose cells themselves contain a cell
array, or do you just want a 2-D cell array? If the latter:

Y = cell(10, 20);
for row = 1:10
for col = 1:20
Y{row, col} = magic(row+col);

Steve Lord
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