Date: Sep 25, 2013 6:03 AM
Author: Albert D. Rich
Subject: Re: Rubi 4.1 and the Timofeev test suite

Chapter 5 of Timofeev's book discusses the integration of expressions involving trig functions.  I transcribed the 121 problems in the chapter and attempted to find optimal antiderivatives for them.  They are available as a pdf file at

The problems along with all the problems in the odd-numbered chapters of Timofeev book are also available in machine readable form at

expressed in Axiom, Maple, Mathematica and Maxima syntax.

Timofeev book contains numerous typographical errors, and he does not seem to distinguish between (z^m)^(1/n) and z^(m/n). Also some of the problems require huge, non-elementary antiderivatives which were surely not his intent. If based on Timofeev proposed antiderivative you can determine his true intentions or you know of a more optimal antiderivative, please let me know so I can revise the test suite.