Date: Sep 25, 2013 8:06 AM
Author: Jonathan J. Crabtree
Subject: Re: Why Have K-12 Educators Ignored Benezet's Breakthrough?

a) They are lazy.
b) It's their job to teach existing courses, not experiment with new courses.
C) They don't know about Benezet
d) They don't care about Benezet.
e) No retraining has been mandated.
f) Parents would complain if their child was not taught math at the same age they were.
g) Parents would arrange tuition and undermine the principles of Benezet.
h) The Russian (Davydov) method is better.

Repeat question with Davydov instead of Benezet.

Repeat responses a) to g).

Strike out a) as teachers are usually overworked and underpaid.